s face is

er of dreams.

首先,梦想为人们提供了生活的动机。如果一个有梦想的人,他会努力抓住每一个实现梦想的机会。在这路上虽然会遇到很多困难,甚至被逼放弃,ream, his face is full of smile. It is because dreams give him hope and fun. Noingless.

此外,没有梦想的生活是没有意义的。我们经常看到当别人谈论他们梦想的时候,他的脸上是堆满笑容的。这是因为梦想给了他希望和乐趣。不管实现梦想的难e. However, some people regard dreams are as important as their life. People canide life motivation for human beings. If a person has a dream, he will try his bon the way, even has to give up, but he will renerve in the end. It is becausemon that we don’t know what to choose as we don’t have a better understanding abays the role as assistance when we are buying things. 

首先,广告为我们提供了明确的商品信息。当我们走进the world will become more civilized.

其次,阅读可以陶冶我们的情操。我相信阅读一些优美的句子或者书中描述的美丽东西会使ons are as following.


First of all, reading can broaden our vision.The main way we learn the things happen long time ago is according to the book.we all know that the more knowledge a person has, the better-behaved he will be.上面所提到的重要性只是其中一部分。阅读有很多的优点,在短时间内我都不能一一列举我不能列举。它在人类的生活中是不可替代的。rent opinions. Some people think beautiful means the appearance, but some insiste true beauty.”  No matter what a person looks, beautiful or ugly, if he has a btruth is that they have a kind hearted. They won’t hurt others, instead of helplooks, if he often do the thing that hurts others or break the line of moralityfor me, I have been in college for about one year and I have more new challenge的眼睛我可以看到他们对校园的好奇心。至于我,我在大学已经一年左右了,而这个学期我会有更大的挑战。

After one year’s study, I beco学期,让每一天都珍贵和难忘从而丰富自己的身心。n I see new comers undertake the military training do I realize that I am differake them feel at ease. On the other hand, I ought to balance the study and my cl的,因为什么都不做会很容易集中精力与疲劳中,然后你就可能会失去耐心。无论如何,一些繁忙的工作可以提高我的技能,而且我还有时间来放松自己。时间不等人!我会抓紧这个have to choose one place to live, I think I will prefer suburb more. 

基于个人经验,个t is hard to solve. But in suburb, people will never need to worry about the incwarmth no matter when we come back. Hence, in return, as sons or daughters we shin mind that without our parents, we are nothing. Therefore, we need to keep gro make our parents at ease as much as possible. As we grow up, we need to learnould come back home often to look after our parents.