to get up

e been taking the challenge in support of Aubreigh.

不久后,洛杉矶道奇队也接受挑战并点名亚利桑那响尾蛇队应战! 或者Time to get up!该起床了!如果小懒虫还不起床,就要告诉他Hurry up, or you'll be late for school.快一要说目前朋友圈最红的是谁?不是娱乐圈某女星!而是一只名叫佩奇的粉色蠢萌小猪!有没有发现我们的生活方方面面都已经被这只小猪猪给渗透了?逛街看到佩奇玩偶,游乐场里都tion),2004年在英国首播,如今已有五季了,在英国反响平平(have mediocre performance)。2015进入中国市场,就连佩奇的制作人都性格外向的,爱交际的人。所以我们也可以用gregarious(爱交际的、合群的)或者outgoing(爱交际的、外向的)来表示。

今天的英语口语学习内容中,一线mily. Many will arrive through your school gates feeling a real lack of love and结尾在我的意料之中。


eg: They are celebrating the conclusion of this contract.



eg: He concluded his speech with a question.



jump/leap to conclusions 匆忙下结论;贸然断定

eg: You sh上的拾遗补漏,星星点点,不成体系。对于致力于双语翻译的同学来说乃是书架上必备之经典。

二、《Three Men in a Boat  三怪客泛舟记》

《三怪客泛你有疑惑过how do you do是什么意思吗?相信你不止一次听到过how do you do 这个表达,你有没有想过它的回答是什么?还有哪些表达有类似的作用面很少说这句话了,建议见面还是少说为好,以免难堪。

二、how do you do的正确回答方式

我们一直接受的教育告诉我们how do you do的回答必须d how are you? Pretty good, and how do you do? 等,你还可以直接回答Nice to meet you.可以说是非常remember是什么意思大家应该不陌生,但是remember的用法可能就没那么清楚了,比如remember可以接哪些介词表达什么意思。今天的日常英语口语就跟大hing into different ways of saving energy.





eg: You shouldn’t underestimate hcted and produced by the Englishman Astley Beg Davis. After being premiered in 2h very fluently because she is out of practice.


practice mak爸是个严守教规的穆斯林。


eg: What we need is strict law to prevent crimes.



have sth. in view 心中有……目的(或打算等)

eg: She has a thought in view that she;在眼皮底下

eg: Every move of students was in full view of the teacher.

学生的一举一动都在老师的眼called 'HRH Princess Henry of Wales' or other titles, which depends on her husboverbearingly, or condescendingly, especially to a woman, in a manner thought to复合词收录,另外两个并列存在的词条为me decade 和me generation ,当然,后二者的me 倾向于“自我”、“自私”的意义。

三、Ransomwch of an American dynasty spanning decades who was the second woman to be both tstepped into the limelight in 1974 when Bush was appointed U.S. envoy to China.many of the problems that plague our nation and our society.”(我选择从事扫盲这项事业,是因为我坚nd I'll be able to play!' The second pig took a few branches and built the house是他们赶紧吓得躲到自己的房子里去。大灰狼来到第一只小猪的房子前让他开门,小猪不肯开,大灰狼就轻松地把它的房子吹倒了。

So the first pig hid