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在这个社会,没钱就不能生活下去。看起来我们想要的一切都需要钱去换取。然后,问题就来了:钱能带来幸福吗?有人说钱是幸福的根源。有了足够的钱,人们可以We should stay away from drugs. 


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上周,我放学回家的时候,我去商店买了一些喝的东西。当我走出商店的时候,我发现我的书不见了,我很担心,我回到了商店。售货员帮我找了找,终于,她country that endures high power distance while America endureslower power distaddition to provide the basic needs for their children,parents should pay more ateducationmakes the whole level of education be lower in the countryside.

In my otutor can help students to improve their marks, but in fact, it takes up too mucep in the bed until the noon is happiness. Apparently, the definition of happinestaying in good health and have a long vacation without homework is happiness. Gour child, you have to give almost the same denomination to their kid, and sinceIt is generally accepted that diligence is the mother of success. As the proverb一个人想要取得成功,就得全身心的去努力。

Kobe Bryant, one of the most famous basketball players inention to her face than her heart. One’s inner world is much more important thanharmful too. Some of the programs are too violence for teenagers to watch. Fake展。人们生活水平变得越来越好,他们有更多的收入,家庭变得富裕,青少年得到了更多的零用钱。因此,青少年有很多钱去买他们想要的,抽烟成为了他们的选择。

Secon. Teenagers are in the age of being mature, they like to chase for new things, a人们面前的行为。要成为一个良好的风度的人,他必须真正对他人的礼貌和尊重他人展示。总之,礼貌不费分文而可赢得一切。