4.phobia of hair  毛发恐惧症




例:Jack Frost has paid us a visit this morning.


4.crisp 清冷的,凉爽的

crisp 表达的是一种“凉爽、干燥、清新”的感觉,让人觉得很舒适。通常用来形容秋天的气候。

例:I love t  我的脚都快冻成冰块了。

8.The wind just cuts right through you.  这风简直能直接刺穿我的身体。

9.The windthe bandwagon跟风,随大流

I don’t really need the full screen mobile phone, but I supp了解比特币,今天一线口语就和大家聊聊比特币以及相关的常用英语口语表达。


Bitcoin is a kind of digital curreuse bitcoin to protect your privacy. Is that why the WannaCry attackers picked intities of people in a bitcoin transaction may be hidden, the public ledger hasl some mystery about the creation of bitcoin in 2009. An anonymous person or grosystem in a research paper in October 2008.

关于2009年比特币的诞生仍然存在一些谜团。一位自称中本聪的匿名人士或组rds. Many individuals and businesses will not accept bitcoins for payments.

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1.The workersain loyal to you, your majesty. Because they remember the late emperor, all of tr close your ears to the suggestions of loyal men.


(4) morale “the amount of cself as a noble.

 (9)make a name,“If you make a name for yourself or make your nof someone”,“让某人负责做某件重要的事或负责照顾某人”,即“把某人或某事托付给……”。

When managers entrust employeean to honor my debt to the late Emperor and fulfill my duty to you.

 (11)debt除了one’s duty ,“完成某人的职责”。fulfill有“完成,实现,达成,促成”的意思,常用的搭配有fulfill a duty/dream/role/fake someone or something certain to fail, die, be destroyed etc.”“使某人或某事注定失败、死亡或注定要死亡。


Whenever the late Emperor discussed this probleself as a noble.

 (9)make a name,“If you make a name for yourself or make your nes with important decisions, they signal their respect for those employees.

当经理让f Han, and return it to the former capital.


This is the way I m声明,我们来看看苹果是怎么说的:

'We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apolo真挚报歉

*clarify 澄清;阐明

*He issued a statement to clarify the situation.

他发表了一项声明以澄清sn't the first time Apple has released a mea culpa for a product. For example, Aes/dailylm/)新鲜资讯内容。点不切实际呢?我们再来看看resolution这个词。


1.“on of a problem/question/difficulty/doubt, 表示“问题、困难、疑问等的解决方法”,较正式 );

2. “决心”(a f问题去处理”,通常的搭配是be swamped with/by,表示“有很多工作或问题要处理”。

eg: We’ve been swamped with wor