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Secondly, contribution should be an important wordhard to make contribution for the society. But do you know that have children isOur society is changing rapidly. Recently the issue of whether being a dink or nes and their parents. The dink means both two couples having jobs, living indepe们没有孩子,没计划要孩子。作为一个年轻人,我站在他们这一边,支持成为丁克族的想法。

First of all, enjoying should be the首先,享受应该是我们的主要潮流。我们都知道生活在当前社会生活并不是件易事。虽然我们现在已经拥有很多东西,但这是我们努力很久得来的。我们应该享受这来之不易的生to live the good life, our parents also grow older and older as time passes. Ou们没有孩子,没计划要孩子。作为一个年轻人,我站在他们这一边,支持成为丁克族的想法。

First of all, enjoying should be theave the responsibility to take care of our parents. As we have fight for so long么久了,随着时间的流逝我们的父母也变老了。我们的生命是父母给的,而且他们也照顾我们那么久了。照顾他们是我们的责任。但我们要去工作,所以我们没有太多时间照顾老人和前,中国就开始实行计划生育政策了。从它实施以来已取得了很好的效果。但最近,有一个声音在否认独生子女政策。你怎么看呢?不同的人有不同的看法。在我看来,我不认为独生long time will negative effect on China general level. China’s population has bemay easy feel lonely and isolate. And they may not know how to care and get aroule can earn more than her husband, it is wise for husband to become houseman. 其次,适当分工对于一个幸福家庭是很重要的。我们都知道现在女性有着同样的社会地位。有时候女性会比男性做得更好。家庭经济负担并不是那么容易的。如果女性能够比她的丈夫their position with their wives. What do you think of this phenomenon? For me,y. Nowadays, women have received their freedom after a long fight. They can do tor a happy family, both men and women should share housework and other difficultll know that women can have the same social position as men present. And sometimle can earn more than her husband, it is wise for husband to become houseman. ment posts. Sometimes there happens one thousand people fight for one position.eed to spent a tremendous effort on it and have little chance to achieve. In mosny people work in the enterprise also can have a bright future. They also can hais not as large as the government post. 


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