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林书豪自从2月4号开始就为人所知。以99 - 92的比分击败新泽西网队,他得到25分,5个篮板dent to enter NBA since 1953 and the first Chinese –American player in NBA.e, his is so popular in the Internet that the videos about him are crazy spread.econdly, it’s also a perfect recreational tool. With the progress of science andtechnology, cell phones are much more powerful than ever. With them, people notternet, even do shopping. Furthermore, when you are in trouble, the handy cell pto a certain extent, the mobile phones will affect interpersonal relationships.s feel that you lack of sincerity and even likely to cause conflict. Secondly, mLast but not the least, mobile phones are harmful to our health.

然而,有些人争论说aduating from university, which is of great importance in one’s whole life. An a, in the contemporary society, international exchange in economy and culture hasn a man show his ability and talent to the best advantage. If the two factors co个人的兴趣和社会的需求。只有当这两个方面相连时,一个人才可以最好的展示他的能力和天赋。如果这两个因素有冲突,前者,在绝大多数情况下,应该让位于后者,因为它的利益been growing significantly. However, competent interpreters are far from enough告存在一些问题。


Celebrities as the products’ spokesmen.In the contempzines and even on the walls of some buildings.

明星作为产品的代言人。在当代社会,明星或者那些所谓的超级owever, some problems for celebrities and the consumers. To begin with, before rstars involved was spoiled. Last but not least, the high income of advertising d然而,明星和消费者也存在一些问题。首先,在代言之前,明星可能对产品一无所知。因此,消费者可能会被误导。更糟糕的是,为了钱,有些明星为质量较低的产品,From my point of view, it is high time that measures were taken to eliminate th观点来看,现在已经是让人们采取措施来消除过失的紧急时刻了。第一,应该制定法律来规范明星广告。第二,明星应该诚实面对公众。只有这样才可以让明星被他们的粉丝所信任,hinese people, especially among youngsters. According to a survey, in 2008, therely involved in volunteering activities. By participating, we can learn how to wwas those volunteers who ensured the success of these games.


As modern college students, we should get activuld take this chance to learn and to grow.

作为现代大学生,我们应该积极的参与到志愿活动中来。通过参与,我们可以学习如何在团队中有效的工作,如何提高人际交往能力和组织能力。毫无疑问,所有这些都是至关重要的在我们的人生长。所以,我们应该抓住这个机会去学习和成长。为现象 解释型作文。

  根据所给提纲,本文应包含如下内容:描述大学生花钱没有节制的现象;分析导致大学生这种消费习惯的 原因;阐述“我”对大学生消费观的看法ding to a survey, in recent years the monthly expenditure of a college student h